Jamie & Michelle are acting elementary principals with a combined experience of over 50 years. They are no strangers to placing students into classes for a new school year. They have grouped and generated class rosters as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. They understand firsthand how important it is to preserve time, improve accuracy, and eliminate human error. As a result, GroupingPro was developed by educators for educators.

The Old Way

Our Story: Another couple of hours ticked by as administrators Jamie and Michelle sat to finalize grouping cards and rosters for the upcoming school year. As Michelle arrived home late, her husband wondered how it was possible that educators were still utilizing hand-written grouping/placement cards. “In this day and age, why are teachers standing around a table taking turns putting student information cards in different classrooms for hours on end?"

After sharing what her husband had asked, Jamie encouraged, "We can do this…create something that protects the things educators value most when grouping…accuracy and time!"

From there, an idea was embraced and the journey to GroupingPro began. Jamie and Michelle have the highest respect for teachers, administrators, and other educators who spend countless hours trying to generate the perfect groups for the rising school year! They're here to help facilitate the process for you and your school.

The GroupingPro Way

Are you still using grouping or placement cards? GroupingPro is here to help you put an end to the madness by minimizing the time and effort it takes elementary educators to put students into classes for the following school year. Nobody knows your school better than you, so GroupingPro gives educators the autonomy to choose important criteria during the student placement process.

First, administrators are in the driver's seat! Administrators develop an electronic questionnaire to send to teachers. Once grouping is complete, the distribution of data is beautifully displayed in graphs and charts. Administrators can make any adjustments to the rosters before finalizing.

Second, teachers share their insight and expertise as they fill out the questionnaires that drive student data. Let's face it, nobody knows the students better than teachers! Teachers are the PROS of GROUPING.

Finally, behind the scenes, GroupingPro works its magic and distributes students into equitable classes. Human error has been eliminated, purposeful grouping masterfully unfolds, and countless educator hours have been saved!

Let's get started. It's simple! Say goodbye to the grouping cards, roster cards, pink/blue cards, placement cards, or whatever your school calls them. Say hello to fast, easy, equitable class rosters with GroupingPro!

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